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What We Do

 A little of this a little of that- We offer Coming of Age Circles for young ladies.  We offer classes with numerous accomplished teachers and instructors. As you know- this is in the midst of development- each teacher will have space to address what you need of them.


Best of all we offer the totally and completely free "Feel Good Deal" You come in -you hang for a bit and feel the tense melt off. You may have had a crap day- but by the time you walk back out again- Life is Good!

  All Paths Welcome

It greets all who enter MoonStones...

From Anatolian Goddesses to Zorasterism- from Amber to Zincite.

We carry everything you need to feed your Spirit-

Statuary, hand poured candles, fine incense, oils, herbs, delicious teas, botanical body care, Pagan tools, Buddhist prayer beads, Judaic Kabbahla, Islamic reading, Christian affirmations- all are represented and can find Peace here.

     From the mineral world- huge quartz spheres and crystal skulls, specimens and points, worry stones and tumbled, acupressure tools and pyramids.

    We have titles covering astrology, world religions, channeling, dream work, ascension, feng shui, Faeries, Healing and Wellness, Green living, Gods and Goddesses- Magik!

            The olde ways and the new- so much it is tough to list. 

    What we are known for far and wide is the silver and gemstone jewelry. We have the best prices with phenomenal workmanship.

MoonStones...acts as an umbrella for a number of accomplished teachers covering the areas of Astrology, Tarot, Reiki Levels 1, 11, 111,  Wicca 1 & 2, Herbology, Candle Magik and Gemstone Magik. There is always new development- actually coming soon we hope to be offering Rune Magik as well as Numerology.

There are psychic readings available nearly every day of the week.

If you cant make it to us- check out what we can bring to you!


















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