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If taking the Fort Pitt Bridge and tunnels- enter tunnel in right hand lane. First exit is Banksville Rd./Mt. Lebanon. Take this exit following Banksville Rd. When you see Staples Office supply you will want to get into the left lane. The next intersection will be Potomac Ave. Make a left up steep grade. Follow Potomac Ave to the the intersection of West Liberty and Potomac MoonStones... is on your left.

If taking Liberty Bridge and Tunnels- follow traffic indicators on bridge aiming you to the appropriate lane for Dormont. Follow W.Liberty Ave. You will see Eat-n-Park on your right- There will be two stop lights very close together. The second intersection is Potomac Ave. MoonStones... will be on your right.

If approaching from the south follow Rt. 19N this turns into Washington Rd. Once you enter Mt. Lebanon. It then turns into W. Liberty Ave. when you enter Dormont. Follow this road when you see Dormont Village (strip mall) on your right, you want to get in the left lane. When you get to the bottom of that short hill you will be turning left onto Potomac Ave. at that light. MoonStones... will be on your left at the intersection, it will be on your right once you have turned.

    There is on street parking on Potomac Ave. There are three different parking lots accessible from W. Liberty Ave. approximately half a block south from MoonStones... The first of these lots is entered using W. Liberty. The other two lots are accessible by either driving through the first lot or turning onto the first side street from the corner of W. Liberty and Potomac -on Potomac Ave.

    Regardless of where you choose to park make sure you come prepared with quarters. All the parking is metered and the meter people are very good at their job.

    Grab a parking spot, feed the meter and we will see you inside!


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Should you get the opportunity -go to


Google was kind enough to set up a virtual tour of the store. It is a service they offered in Beta testing for small indy businesses.

Its very exciting and lovely.

Kudos Google!