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Our Official Address is (drum roll please)

2892 W. Liberty Avenue

         Ab-Fab Dormont!!!

Many of you may remember the space as “James Gallery” or “James Frames”. It spent some time as a computer repair but rebelled and said-”Gosh Darn it, I want to be beautiful again!” MoonStones... Had been searching for some time for a new home and heard the call of 2892 like a soft zephyr in its ear (never knew MoonStones... had ears did ya?). While we had everything moved out of the old space by April 30- We are still in the process of unpacking and making sure all the lovelies that make up MoonStones... find their right home. We are very nearly completely moved in. There are still a few things we can’t find- Hematite rings, the powdered herbs, my brain...

But we do know where Bahloo is-You can find him nearly every

day lounging on his back in the front window!

We have increased some existing lines and brought in all new

lines to share with you. This entire experience has been

incredibly exciting for us (Amy, Diana, and Bahloo) we hope that it is equally exciting for you!